Eco Friendly Biodegradable Kraft Packing Tape Parcel Packing, Framing, Sealing Adhesive Recyclable Tape

Strong Kraft brown paper packaging tape for your everyday needs.
Perfect for arts and crafts, packaging, removals and storage due to the tear resistant and long lasting stick.
130 microns thick
100% recyclable.
Made from recyclable and eco-friendly Kraft paper and a natural rubber adhesive this tape is a popular alternative to gummer tape as it require no water to adhere yet offers the same outcome, by sticking to all carton surfaces.

It has high elasticity, very high tear resistance once applied and is typically used for sealing boxes, envelopes, packages and picture framing as well as a range of other applications.
Brown paper tape can easily be torn by hand and due to its environmental and performance benefits, this paper packaging tape is often a preferred sealing option for many fulfilment operations as it creates a uniform looking package that
is incredibly difficult to tamper with.

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